Provisional Pride: Teaching Your Teen The Rules Of The Road

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The very idea of getting behind the dash of a car where your teenager is taking the wheel is enough to make any parent want to say no and run away. Well, not really, but it is still a daunting task. Much of the time, parents like to teach their teenagers the rules of the road before they begin formal driving lessons. Firstly, learning the basics is important before spending the money on lessons with an instructor. Secondly, it’s a wonderful way to bond with your teenager that you didn't have before.

There are a lot of things that you have to expect as a parent when it comes to teenagers, but driving isn’t initially one that you worry about. Until it happens. The important thing is to prepare yourself, and also call One Sure Insurance as your provider to add your teen to your insurance policy before you get going. It may well be a frustrating experience for you, to have your teenager in the car and in charge at the same time. However, with carefully planning you can ensure everyone is comfortable and happy.

There are some basic rules to the success of teaching your teenager to drive, and we’ve detailed some of these for you:
  • Teens, take the wheel. It’s time for you to let go a little and hand over a little of the initiative to your teenager. If they’re old enough to be behind the wheel of a car to learn to drive it, then they’re old enough to ask and be told yes. Wait for them to come to you about it, but if you feel they’re ready there’s nothing wrong in suggesting it. Just don’t push the issue.

  • Plan ahead when you want to do your own lessons. Find a large empty parking lot or outdoor space that they can practice in to gain some confidence in the basics before starting some lessons on the road with the rest of the cars.

  • Remember, parents, you’re not there to judge or panic them. You can’t treat them like children; coach them through the basics without talking down to them and don’t be general in your feedback. If your teen is too distracted, stop the car with them and talk about what is going on.


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