TOY REVIEW - Fuzzikins Cozy Cats

We were recently offered these Fuzzikins Cozy Cats for review, which I thought was perfect for my little girl who started pre-school a few months ago. It's basically a set of cats you decorate with the felt tips provided then you make their felt beds for them which is super easy. What's great about these cats is the felt tip colour washes off in water so when they dry you colour them in again and the fun continues...

Contents of the box:
3 washable colouring pens
lolly stick to help push the felt through when you make the beds
3 cats in different sizes
3 packs which include the accessories and felt bed
A colouring card
The little one coloured in the cats in and we made the beds together. Older kids should be able to look at the instructions and work it out themselves. This is simple craft which is practically mess free, every parents dream! She can scribble all she likes on the cats because I can wash it all off under warm water, let them dry and she can start all over.

We made them together the first time, I then took them out to a restaurant with me to keep her occupied a week later and it was perfect. It hardly takes up space and she was very engaged in the colouring which kept her busy so we can eat in peace without worrying about keeping her occupied and staying in her seat.
They cost under £10 so very affordable and make lovely Christmas or Birthday gift if you are on a budget. I love these types of toys, when she gets bored you can put them away for a while then get them out again and she will play with it like it's new! You can also get the Cozy Dogs set and a Camper Van set which I've already ordered on Amazon for the little one's birthday in Jan!


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