4 Tips For Bloggers On The Move

Being a full-time blogger gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, making it possible to travel the world while still keeping up with your blog. It sounds like the ideal situation, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always plain sailing. Many bloggers are using their freelance status as a way to travel the world, and you could soon join them with the right approach.

To keep up with your blog and maintain its success on the move, you’re going to need some hints to help you out. Take a look at these four tips to maintaining your blog on the move.

1. Create a content plan
While the good thing about blogging is that you can create content anywhere, things can get in the way (like enjoying yourself), that could leave you with some gaps. Planning out your content for the period you’re going to be away can help make sure you keep things ticking over. You can always add to your content while you’re away, but at least you know you’ll have a bit of ‘evergreen’ content to publish in the background.

2. Incorporate some travel content
Even if your blog isn’t strictly travel related, you can make the most of your time travelling by documenting your adventures - even if it’s in the context of what you blog about (food, fashion, etc.). The key to good travel content is excellent photography, so learn how to improve your travel blog photography to give your content that extra visual boost.

3. A forwarding address
It’s good to stay on top of your correspondence back home, especially as many brands still like to reach out by post or even send you products. There are different options you can use, but a virtual mailing address from physicaladdress.com could be your best option to allow you online access to your postal mail at any time, from anywhere. This allows you to maintain any partnerships or collaborations you might have without a drop in communication.

4. Set aside some time for work
When you’re travelling, it’s easy to let the fun take over. However, when your blog is your main source of income, or any source of income for that matter, then it’s important to remember to give it some time and attention. Maintaining your blog while travelling involves a bit of discipline, but you’re fortunate that you can work away in beautiful locations and give you a whole new way of working. Why not get up early a couple of times a week to create some content while having breakfast in front of an incredible view?

It’s important to maintain your blog to ensure your readers stay interested, and make sure that you keep things ticking over. Juggling your blog and your travels requires balance, but it’s easily done once you get into the swing of it. Take inspiration from digital nomads and travel bloggers who manage to enjoy the best of work and travel, and enjoy the freedom and fun that being a blogger can bring.


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