How to Design a Functional Garden

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Your outdoor garden area can be a beautiful, tranquil space if you design it with a variety of plants and decorative elements such as fountains. But what if you want the space to be functional, as well as attractive? Well, there are several easy ways that you can go about doing so. Check out the tips below to design your own functional garden that you will love spending time in.

Install a Shed or a Steel Building
Having a small building in your garden where you can store tools, supplies, and anything else, is a great way to make your garden more functional instantly. Things that would otherwise be cluttering your home or basement can instead be placed in the shed for easy access whenever you need them. But instead of going with a standard plastic shed that you find at your local hardware store, consider a sturdier steel building, like those from Armstrong Steel, instead. Armstrong are one of the leading supplies for metal buildings in the US because they can be assembled quickly, they’re durable, and they’re energy efficient.

Plant a Vegetable Garden
You might immediately think of planting various flowers, bushes, and trees to decorate your garden naturally. But if you want to make your garden more functional, rather than merely something that is nice to look at, consider planting a vegetable patch. This is a wonderful way to grow your own food, especially if you want to take a totally natural, organic, pesticide-free approach, and it can be extremely rewarding. Just set aside an area in your yard where you can allow the veggies to grow in the space that they need and with the right amount of sunlight. Then it’s just a matter of harvesting and feasting!

Plant Some Fruit Trees
If you thought that you could only use your garden to grow vegetables, think again. In many parts of the country, you can certainly grow fruit trees that will also give you natural, wholesome food while beautifying your garden and providing shelter to birds. Depending upon the zone that you are located in, you can plant varieties that will yield delicious berries, citrus fruits, and more. Yum!

Make It Your Own
Finally, make your outdoor space your own by maybe adding an outdoor gym to the space, decorating with lighting so that you can sit outside at night, adding furniture and storage that will make it a snap to barbecue delicious meals during the summer, and maybe even building a treehouse for the kids. You might even get adventurous and set up your own beehive that will allow you to collect your own honey in an eco-friendly and animal-friendly way. The possibilities are endless.

With the tips above, you can easily design a more functional garden space that you will want to spend your time in, whether you’re alone with a book or you are entertaining friends. Simple changes and additions can make a big difference when it comes to creating an outdoor space that is inviting and helps you get things done, so go ahead and have some fun. 


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