Why Pounding Your Body Into Submission Works

For many decades we’ve been told that you should take it easy on your body. Take it easy on the drinking, the smoking and even when you’re working out. Don’t push yourself too hard as you can tire yourself out quicker and perhaps even sustain injury. During the first few months or weeks of exercising to lose weight this is the ethos that many people will follow. However modern studies have shown that in order to truly activate our body’s engine that will burn calories, we need to shock it. Our bodies are marvels of evolution and inside us all is the fight or flight mechanism. For both of these choices, something happens in our system that forces our body into action. It begins a chain reaction which will allow you to see that shocking and actually hurting your body can indeed be of great benefit. It will be painful in the beginning, but that saying of ‘no pain no gain’ exists for a very good reason.

Purposefully shock your system
Are you planning on working out to lose weight or just for the sake of getting fit and desiring the body you want? Your body is going to realize what you’re doing even before you put on your running shoes. Your mind is already preparing to pant, be out of breath, push some iron and put stress on your muscles etc. So be sneaky, rush your body and break routines. Instead of working out in the evening or afternoon, wake up early just as the sun is rising and go for a run. Wake up and instead of going down for breakfast, do some situps and pushups. Instead of going to the gym for a light workout, increase the weight and so a high repetition workout. Your nervous system will suddenly be surprised that you’re not following your usual or preplanned pattern. It will hurt in the beginning, especially if you haven’t worked out in a long time but you will need to push through a barrier.

Gellify your muscles
What the modern world is beginning to learn en masse is that the old ways of doing massages for athletes and even just for regular people who like to stay fit, isn’t that effective. Effleurage, kneading and other styles of ‘surface tension’ techniques and styles don’t hold a candle to one specific massage doctrine. Sports massage is deep tissue work that has been sharpened and even more focused on isolating each part of the body. It's little wonder that sport massage courses are going through the roof now since many people want to learn this incredibly advanced technique. Courses can be taken in London and or Dublin if you wish. Personal trainers especially should want to have this kind of skill in their resume as they can provide their clients with healing practices after pushing them hard in the gym. This kind of massage is that hurt so good kind of pain which is incredibly rewarding.

The body is a tough machine that can withstand a lot of shocking to the system. Change up routines and shock your body into doing a different more intense workout on a given day.


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