BEAUTY - 10 Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Always wanted laser hair removal but you are still a little unsure for whatever reason then you need to read on.... I must have first heard about it in an interview with Victoria Beckham when she said the best tip Eva Longoria ever gave was laser hair removal on her entire body and it's best thing she's ever done! It's one of those things I am not sure about either however having read up on it further I am actually more keen on the idea. If you are thinking of getting it done eventually then here are the top 10 things you need to know so you can be prepared for your treatment and be rewarded with those silky smooth results.

How It Works
Very simple, a cosmetic medical grade laser transmits a concentrated beam of light directly into the pigment of your hair follicles. The laser then stunts and destroys the hair growth with modalities. Appointment can take between 30 min to 1 hour.

This isn't an immediate process and can take up to two or three weeks after your first treatment to actually see a difference. It can overall take up to 8-12 treatments to get the full result. You also need to be regular with appointments because your hair follicles are all at different stages of growth, you need to make sure each one gets zapped.

Some devices offer cooling technology for minimal discomfort, other can feel like the snap of several plastics. Numbing cream is available for sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini zone 

You must do your research before doing it and call around speak to various companies who offer this service. Go on forums and chat to people who have had it done etc.... this will give you confidence in the company you pick and it will make you feel at ease.

Avoid the gym for at least 24 hours as the laser stays on your skin for that long and the same applies to saunas / hot showers. If you choose to ignore that then you can risk creating an environment for bacteria to multiply and give you lots of spots.

Sun / Fake Tan
Avoid both sun and fake tanning before treatment.

Shave, avoid waxing
The root of the hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to identify it, you can see why waxing won't work just before treatment

Trigger Hair Growth
Sounds crazy but true....particular types of hair can be stimulated into growing thicker and longer. If your hair isn't suitable your consultant will let you know.

Beauty Regime
Anything like retinol, face peels glycolic acid should all be avoided at least 2 days before treatment. A lot of people like to add extra moisturiser after treatment as your skim may feel more dry.

Test Patch
All consults should provide a test patch to check there aren't any problems. If they don't I would strongly suggest you find another place.

Hope this gives you a better insight into Laser Hair Removal.


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