How to Help Your Child Perform Well in their Test

Exams can be stressful for children, whether they’re in their teens or even younger. It’s important for children to know that they can rely on their parents to help them to manage their stress, as this will help them perform better on the day of their tests. I have teamed up with Taunton School to provide parents with some advice on how to help their children do well in their tests.

It’s worth pointing out that sleep is extremely important, especially during exam period. Make sure your child is getting plenty of rest and leading a healthy lifestyle in general. Kids who aren’t getting enough sleep tend to be irritable and less attentive, so they are less likely to do well in their tests. Experts suggest that children should get between eight and eleven hours of sleep per night, but this depends on their age.

When your child is revising for their tests, try to help them make the experience more enjoyable by introducing a range of different learning techniques. Each child has a different learning style, so bear that in mind when you’re helping explain things to them. Some children learn better by using diagrams, pictures and other visual cues, while others prefer to listen to podcasts and talk through the things they have learnt with someone.

Try to encourage positivity in your home, particularly where education is concerned. Your child will not perform well in their tests if you put too much pressure on them, so be optimistic and praise their efforts. Make sure they know that as long as they try their best, the outcome doesn’t matter so much. If they approach their tests with a calm mentality, they are sure to perform better than if they are stressed.

It’s worth talking to your child about the exam process and what it will be like. You could even encourage them to do some timed practise tests. If they know what to expect on the day then they’ll feel more in control for the real thing.


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