LIFESTYLE - The Importance of Warm-Ups

If you work out regularly or if you’re thinking of starting a new exercise regime, it is crucial to learn about the importance of warm-ups. 

Warm-ups help your body to prepare for the sudden increase in activity and heightened performance expectation that you’re placing on it. A series of light cardiovascular exercises and stretches can really help your body to get used to the idea of working at an increased rate.

One of the main objectives of warm-ups is to increase circulation. Your blood supplies your muscles with oxygen, and they will need this in abundance if they need to maintain increased performance. Blood flow to your muscles is usually at around 15% when you are resting, but after a warm-up this can increase to up to 75% which is a really significant and crucial change as it supports more intensive movement.

Warm ups are also designed to increase your body temperature and heart rate gradually. It is important to do this over time so that you don’t cause shock and strains to your organs which may cause you to develop long term problems. Warm-ups, particularly stretches, also help to prepare your muscles by loosening them up and making them more flexible, as well as loosening up your joints, both of which will contribute to an improved performance.

Another great benefit of warming-up is that it helps you to mentally prepare for your work-out. It is not always easy to find the energy or motivation to exercise especially after a long day at work so warm-ups can be really helpful in getting you into the frame of mind that you need to succeed.
And finally, warm-us will enhance your performance which should be motivation enough! It gives you increased flexibility, strength, and stamina so that you can run for longer for example, in greater comfort and without risking injury.

Warm-ups should last between twenty and thirty minutes. Here are some great ideas for gentle exercises that could help make up your warm-up routine.

·        Jump rope
·        Jumping jacks 
·        Squats
·        Lunges
·        Hip extensions
·        Hip rotations
·        Forward leg swings
·        Side leg swings
·        Push ups

Before a work-out it can also be beneficial to use some of the best pre workout supplements such as Beta-Alanine to enhance the effects of your warm-up routine.

So, when you’re scheduling your next work-out, run or fitness session make sure you factor in at least twenty minutes for a full warm-up routine. Warming-up helps to increase circulation, body temperature, and heart rate. It also prepares your muscles and joints and gives you some much needed mental preparation time. Furthermore, warming-up will boost your performance by improving your strength, stamina, and flexibility whilst ensuring that you don’t suffer any discomfort or injuries from your exercise. Gentle exercises like squats, lunges and jumping rope would be perfect for any warm-up routine and try taking some supplements to help boost the effects.

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