4 Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Every parent wants to provide something more for their family, but many moms don’t want to compromise on staying at home. After all, those precious early years with your children can’t be gotten back, so many moms want to find a way to put their family first without missing out financially. The great news is that with it being easier than ever to start a business from home, it’s entirely possible for moms to prioritize their families while bringing in an income at the same time. While it’s not always an easy feat, starting your own business as a SAHM can certainly be worth it. Here are some business ideas to consider.


If you are an artistic person, you can start a business that reflects your talents and helps you to make money from your hobby. Whether you paint pictures, make crafts, sew, knit or anything else, there’s no denying that the market for hand-made, unique products is huge. You can sell your merchandise on sites such as Etsy or have your own dedicated website.


Blogging is a huge choice of home business for moms – especially as there’s so much information that you can share as a mom about raising children. ‘Mommy bloggers’ are always going to be popular because so many parents will look to them for tips and advice, whether it’s on issues such as toilet training or preparing their little ones for school to fun ideas for parties, crafts, and family days out.

Freelance Writer:

That being said, if you don’t want to blog about your experiences as a parent but still have a talent for writing, you may be able to make money from being a freelance writer. Good writers are always needed to create all kinds of content, from product and video descriptions to long-form blog posts and articles, or basic website content.

Graphic Designer:

Do you enjoy graphic design? Even if you don’t have a college degree in the subject, you can make money from your skills at home. All you will need is a program such as Adobe Photoshop, a passion for design, and the ability to work to a client’s specification. You can start out by selling your services on Fiverr, and progress to having your own website where clients can place their orders.

Promoting Your Business:

This is just a small handful of business ideas for stay at home moms – the list is endless, from event and wedding planning to business plan writing, dog walking, and cake making. The best thing to do is choose something that you’re already passionate about so it doesn’t feel like work. But how do you promote your new business? Get started by joining a social network like Emenator. There’s a ton of existing groups that you can join catering to all different hobbies and interests on this network, so find one that pertains to your business idea the most and get talking to like-minded people who’re willing to offer their support and advice. If you don’t see a group that you want to join, you could create one yourself. You can find Emenator on the App Store if you want to be able to access it easily on the go.  
Today, staying at home as a mom doesn’t mean you have to miss out on earning money. What business would you start as a SAHM? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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