How To Get Ready for Feeling Good In Your Skin This Summer

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When the weather's getting warmer and your wardrobe is getting lighter, it might be scary to look in the mirror and realise that you have been neglecting your diet and fitness plans, or that you are not looking your best. Our body needs Vitamin D all year round, but it is best absorbed through the skin. There are a few things you can do today to make the most out of your looks, your confidence, and emphasize your best features.

Get a New Wardrobe
The spring might be the time for spring cleaning your wardrobe, as well as your life. If you are into mindfulness and meditation, you might revisit your personal mission statement, and find out what you really stand for. This will help you get rid of the clothes that no longer represent you, and make the most out of your style. You can go through your wardrobe as a part of your spring cleaning routine, and see if you can make substantial changes in your dressing style and appearance. It might be time to try on those dresses from three years ago to see if they still fit and suit your personality before you head out to the shops.

Change Your Hair Color
One of the ways you can change your look to express yourself is changing your hair color. Some people have brighter and lighter shades in the summer, so they can look their best, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with the same shade, either. Be bold and brave, and use online hair styling apps to see which color suits your skin tone and complexion the best before you visit the salon and make the final decision.

Tan Up
Of course, in the summer you will pick up some color, too. This means that you will need to consider your new skin tone before you plan your summer wardrobe. Instead of going out clothes shopping with your light skin color, use a tanning body lotion to achieve your ideal skin tone, as most of the clothes you will buy will be for the summer, when you do have a bit of a tan.

Getting new clothes is not enough, though. You will also have to think about smart clothing accessories. You might want to invest in a couple of bright tote bags you can take to the beach and the ones that will match your clothing, too. Don’t forget about scarves; they are inexpensive and can help you dress up any outfit in a new way. Belts and shoes come next; match them with your existing and new wardrobe.

Try a New Style
No matter if you have been sticking with the safe choices when it comes to colors and style, it might be time to try something new. The good news is that you can try on things you never considered buying before at your department store, even if you are not willing to buy them. Take a friend with a different personality or a professional stylist with you, so you can find something new and spruce up your personal style.

Upcycle Your Clothes
If you happen to be on a limited budget, but feel like you need a wardrobe overhaul, you might think about upcycling your existing clothes and transforming them into something new. You will also be able to visit charity shops - maybe when you drop off your old clothes - either for inspiration or to buy something unique you can turn into an evergreen item for your wardrobe. A used sewing machine costs less than you would think, and you will be able to do something for the environment, too.

Celebrate and Decorate Your Body
At the end of the day, what matters is how confident you feel in your skin. If you have confidence issues, it might be a good idea to use positive affirmations to feel more comfortable in your body. It might be time to start accepting what you can’t change and make an effort to improve what you can. Once you have achieved a level of confidence, you can celebrate it by decorating your body. Try smart piercings to show off your personality and individual style.

Feeling good in your skin all comes down to mindset. If you are looking for new ways to express your personality and make the most out of your looks, you might want to be brave and bold, and try new styles and experiment with colors.


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