5 Unforgettable Lessons You Can Learn from Travelling on a Bus

Travelling on a bus can teach you a lot about life - including that it’s not all about the destination. Here are five unforgettable lessons to keep in mind.

Taking any kind of trip can teach you a lot about yourself. Sometimes you travel a long way – even to another country. Other times you simply take a bus trip to another part of the country.

Sometimes the destination is the part of the trip that makes the most difference, but other times it’s the travel itself. In fact, sometimes travelling by bus can teach you important lessons about life, yourself, and those around you.

Here are five unforgettable lessons you can learn from travelling on a bus.

Not Everyone is Like You
This may seem obvious, but the truth is that each one of us tends to assume that people look, live, and think basically like us. When you travel on a bus, you have a chance to spend time around people who are a lot different than you.

Through talking with fellow passengers you can not only pass the time, you can learn about unique backgrounds and experiences that you’ve never thought about before. It can help you be grateful for your own life background, as well as helping you be more empathetic to others.

Delays are Part of Life
If you travel with buses very often, you’re going to encounter delays and even cancellations. It’s frustrating. It causes you to have to change your plans. Sometimes, though, those changes work out better than you could have expected.

One of the things you’ll learn travelling on a bus is that delays happen but they’re not the end of the world. Sometimes you get rerouted, but everything turns out OK.

Don’t Carry Heavy Baggage
“Travel light” is an important motto for a reason. If you’re on a bus, having too much luggage is a pain. Not only do you have to deal with luggage limits, but you have to get and move all of your bags every time you transfer buses or reach your destination.

It’s similar in life. You don’t have to be riding a tour bus in Toronto to realise that carrying extra baggage is a drag. Drop it and move on!

Count to 10 When You’re Mad
When you’re travelling on a bus, there’s definitely going to be something that irritates you. Whether it’s the person next to you talking too much, the bus being late yet again, or finding out that someone you thought you could trust was lying to you.

The best things to do in that case is to take a deep breath, decompress, and keep your cool. Nothing good will come out of blowing your top and getting angry about things.

It’s similar in life, too. There will always be things that frustrate and upset you, but getting mad about it rarely helps. While you should definitely take steps to resolve the issue and make sure your concerns are known, it’s always best to keep your cool.

Enjoy the Ride
The biggest lesson you can learn from travelling on a bus is that getting to where you want to go takes time. Sometimes it’s a short ride, and other times it takes hours. You have to learn to stay comfortable, relax, and keep yourself busy.

Eventually, you will get to your destination. Being impatient doesn’t help – it makes it worse. Instead, just kick back and enjoy the ride.

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