Our Trunki Reviews – The Best Kids Ride On Suitcase!

If you are a parent you would know what a *Trunki is or you would have at least seen them at airports when you travel. We have been lucky enough to be gifted one for review last month and I am sharing my first views with you and how we are using it now until we go on holiday end of August. 

So basically if you are looking for a fun and functional carry on luggage option for your toddler then look no further. I actually remember watching the entrepreneur pitch on Dragons Den for this product many years ago but he didn't get any funding, a decade on this has become the travel accessory of choice for many middle class parents around the world!
The Trunki should be allowed on flights so you can use it as the luggage to pack all your child's essentials for the flight. It doesn't look big but it actually fits a lot in as we used it for a weekend stay at my aunts for the little and she likes to take her Trunki with her. We were able to fit books, toys, water bootle, colouring pens, magazine, snacks and tablet with a lot of space left over. 
Ride On Suitcase
It is extremely easy to pull them around with them sat down as we tried it on our wooden flooring at home when we first received it as she was super excited to give it a go. In places like airports where the flooring is smooth they will be sure to have a good time if you pull a little faster! 

Your child can also pull it around easily themselves when they are not sat on it. The lead is adjustable to what ever length you wish. My girl definitely prefers being pulled along than her pulling, perhaps its her age since she's only 3.5 yrs but I am sure older kids would enjoy pulling themselves. 

On our recent trip to Hong Kong we didn't take a buggy to reduce luggage, this would have been perfect for her to sit on acting as a seat especially at the check in where there are long queues.

Colours & Patterns
Wow where do I start.....there is huge variety from designing your own to unicorns to gruffalo. Definitely there to suit all tastes. We picked Cassie The Cat for my girl because it's very girly and comes with additional stickers for her to stick on which got her very excited!

Additional Features
As you can see from the photos I took the case also has carry handles which will come in handy when you actually board the plane and finding your seat or when your child has had enough. The Trunki itself is relatively sturdy and solid with its built in stabilisers to prevent it toppling over. Inside of the Trunki it's very much like your standard suitcase where there is a starp to help keep things in place while it's on the move. 

Personally I would say it's definitely suitable for ages 3yrs+ if we use it any younger it would ended up being extra luggage for us to lug around. From 3yrs onwards they are strong enough to pull it and ride on it without any help. 

My Opinion
I am excited to actually take it on our cruise holiday in Aug to see what it's like because I know it works for airports / flights etc... The little enjoys using it for weekends away but there's been no real space like an airport for her to use it properly and test out those wheels! I have heard parents mention once the novelty wears off there's no interest in it. However if you pack new travel toys / snacks inside I am sure the interest will continue knowing what my girl is like. If you also tell them you will throw it away if it's not used I am sure I will be stopped. I am very much looking forward to using it in August.


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