PARENTING - Understanding How to Discipline Your Child

A huge part of your role as a parent is having to teach your child to behave. This takes time and patience, but is most certainly worth it. Below are five healthy discipline strategies, suggested by an independent school in London.

Parents should always lead by example and model behaviours that you would like to see reflected in your children. For example, if you swear a lot, they will likely pick up some bad language too. Alternatively, if you are always polite and well mannered, they will follow suit.

Make sure your children know the rules in your home, such as what time they have to go to bed and how they should speak to others.

Fill your child’s time effectively. Sometimes when they are bored they act up because they don’t know what else to do or they want some attention. With that in mind, be sure to keep them busy and provide them with something to do so that they don’t become restless and throw a tantrum.

Ensure there are reasonable punishments for bad behaviours. If there are no consequences for negative actions, your child won’t learn their lesson and may not even know that what they’ve done is wrong.

Praise good behaviour as and when you witness it. Your child needs to know when they’re doing something right just as much as when they’re doing something wrong. All kids want their parents’ approval, so you’ll notice that they’ll reproduce good behaviour if they are praised for it.

If you require more information or you’re struggling with a particularly troublesome child, don’t hesitate to contact their school and discuss discipline techniques with a professional.


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