5 Branded Items Every Business Needs

Giving away promotional merchandise is a great marketing technique because it can help you acquire new customers and convert sales, retain existing customers and generally just leave a positive impression of your business in people’s minds so that they remember you for longer.

Of course, email marketing is great and handing out your business cards is useful, but adding some branded items into the mix can really help shake things up and make your company more memorable amongst perspective clients.

“What items are best for promoting your brand?” I hear you ask. Here’s a list:

Branded Uniform
If your staff wear uniform, it’s worth getting the items branded so that they become recognisable. Your staff might not wear uniform every day but it’s a good idea to get them in a branded t-shirt at corporate events so that people learn about your business whilst they’re networking. If not a t-shirt then think about giving your employees a branded laptop case or umbrella so that they get your logo out there in a subtle, yet effective way.

Helpful Items
Think about giving away something helpful that people are able use on a regular basis and give you constant exposure.  Some examples of this are a battery pack or a water bottle.

Branded Stationery
Pens and notepads are great for giving away at meetings because, unlike with business cards, people are more likely to hold onto your stationery and use it on a regular basis. It might even stay on their desks for a while, giving you day to day visibility. People often forget to bring their own pens etc. to meetings, so it’s a nice touch if you offer them out.

Seasonal Gifts
At special times of the year, like Christmas or Easter, you could think about giving away branded gifts either to your existing clients as a thank you, or to attract new customers.

Unique Items
If you really want to give a good impression and ensure people remember your brand, be original with your branded merchandise. There are so many options available; you just have to put your mind to it and get creative.


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