How to Clean Your Decking

It’s BBQ season and a great time to assess your garden decking and make sure the previous year of varied British weather hasn’t taken too much of a toll. Decking is a great place to relax and entertain guests but it needs some TLC from time to time. If you get all of your decking maintenance out of the way now, you’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of summer and even avoid some potential accidents.

Before you start cleaning, be sure to assess the state of the decking because this will determine what products you require, if any. It’s wise to wear suitable protective gloves and goggles if you plan to apply cleaning chemicals to your deck. Goggles also come in handy when using a pressure washer to protect your eyes from flying debris. Although, make sure your pressure washer isn’t too powerful as this can damage the decking; turn it down to the lowest pressure setting.

Start by removing any furniture or other items from the decking area and give it a good sweep with a stiff broom. If there are any screws coming loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them so that the boards don’t come apart. You may want to sand your decking, but if not, follow the recommended instructions for cleaning on the deck cleaner product packaging. Many products will expect you to pour the cleaner directly to your decking and scrub.

Be careful whilst cleaning your decking, as it will probably become quite slippery which can be dangerous. Make sure it is completely dry before applying any paint or oil; you might need to wait 24 hours or so. Applying decking oil will protect your deck against the elements so that it looks just as good next summer.


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