How to Combat Mummy Guilt

‘Mummy guilt’; we have all experienced it, that uncomfortable mixture of emotions, which bubble to the surface after telling our children off, forgetting to help with their homework, or leaving them to go to work.
There are also many external pressures that can contribute towards these feelings of guilt, such as social-media, opinions from other mothers or judgements from friends and family.
Here are a few words of wisdom from the lovely, family oriented, Parsons Green Prep School on how to combat those nagging feelings of ‘mummy guilt’…

Try your hardest to put you guilt into perspective. As parents we can easily become consumed by the day-to-day worries of life.  However it is important to remember that these feelings of worry and guilt are a sign of how much we love our children and desperately want the best for them.
Try not to lose sight of the main reason behind why you are experiencing these feelings, they show just what a great mum you are!

If you feel like you have been really busy with work and haven’t given your child enough attention recently, don’t beat yourself up about it or start buying presents. Simply go and give them a cuddle and tell them you love them. This is all they really want and this simple act of affection will mean so much more.

‘Me time’
Being a parent is so rewarding, but it is also really tough! We all need a little ‘me time’ to keep us going thought the hard times and to recharge. Plan a day to yourself doing whatever it is that you enjoy, or book a weekend away at a hotel to indulge and unwind. By taking time out for yourself you will return happier, more appreciative and ready to face all of the challenges that parenting throws at you.


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