Should I Encourage My Child to Go to University?

There are many benefits to a full-time university degree, but whether or not its right for your son or daughter is dependent on their own unique requirements and goals. I have teamed up with a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire to explore the benefits of university, but also to help parents understand whether or not they should encourage their child to go or choose an alternative route.

For many careers, a university degree is essential. However, some employers will actually pay for staff to study a relevant course alongside work. This might be a better option for your teen, especially if they prefer to apply what they have learnt. The only downside to this sort of scenario is that the employer will choose the course and your child won’t get much say in which modules they study.

Think about whether or not your child is self-motivated where studying is concerned. If not, university might not be the best choice for them, as it requires a lot of independent studying that isn’t monitored by a tutor. If your child is happy to study alone and they don’t tend to procrastinate then they’ll manage quite well at university.

For teens that are unsure exactly what career path they want to take, university buys them some time to think about it, whilst also enhancing their qualifications. It also allows them to explore different placements and extracurricular activities so that they can further develop a range of skills. What’s more, university teaches teens to live away from their parents, budget, and cook, which will help them in the real world.

Don’t be put off from a financial perspective, as there are loans in place that are means tested to help students afford the cost of living. However, even with the financial support, there’s no point in encouraging your child to attend university if they are not inspired by  one particular subject.


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