Are Stained Glass Windows Only for Churches?

Stained glass windows are typically associated with churches and historic buildings. However, in more recent times, stained glass windows have seen an increase in popularity and are now found in homes, schools and businesses around the world.
If you admire the beauty of stained glass windows and want to know how you could incorporate their colourful designs into your property; then read on for some inspiring ideas from The Stained Glass Window Company

Stained Glass Entrance
Give your home or business a colourful and inviting appearance by adding a stained glass window to your front entrance. This could be a window within your front door or even above it. You may wish to use an old reclaimed stained glass window or commission your own bespoke design. This design could include your company’s logo, door number or a symbol of local importance. With a bespoke stained glass design the possibilities are endless.

Period Windows
If you are lucky enough to own a period property with original lattice style windows, you could use these to create a colourful stained glass display. All you need to do is simply replace some of the clear facets of glass with coloured pieces. When the light shines through it will create a stunning rainbow effect and really transform the interior space.

Skylights are a very popular way of adding more light to a room and stained glass skylights can look very impressive. This type of window is great for areas where the view may not be important, but the lighting effect is.  To maximise light, try to avoid dark colours or keep some of the sections clear in order to maintain that wonderful view of the sky.

Have you ever considered using stained glass windows in a bathroom area? It may seem unusual; however stained glass windows are ideal for home and hotel bathrooms because they help to add privacy, whilst maintaining natural light. How about adding a stained glass window to your bathroom or even design a bespoke shower door!


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