PARENTING - What I Feed My Toddler (Part 10)

I cannot actually believe my last post What I Feed My Toddler Part 9 was actually one whole year ago. I mean nothing has changed, I still cook from Sunday - Thursday / Friday and the other days we eat out. I have been posting on Instagram / stories but I just haven't had time to post. With us both working full time in a tag team and weekends often involve days out and I literally fall asleep 9.30pm (I finish work 6pm) these days so I have very little time. I am child free this weekend, sent hubby out into town on errands and I have 2 hours to myself before we pick the little one up and so far I have managed to pull together 3 blog posts ready in to be scheduled over the next 2 weeks.
Our classic king prawn linquine with baby tomatoes and fresh chives in cream fraiche sauce. One of my quick meals I can whip up in half an hour which makes it perfect for the weekday!
Chicken thighs chopped up with chinese fungus, onions in an oyster sauce served with a side portion of rice.
This is another one of my favourites which takes less than half an hour to make during the weekday. TIP: Cook rice the night before then leave it out to dry up, the drier the rice the better it cooks the next day with it not sticking to the pan. In this one I added celery and bacon but as you know with fried rice you can add anything to it so it's great for clearing out the fridge end of the week.
Lastly good old classic spag bol with grilled aubergine - I try to incorporate a variety of veggies in our meals but it's not always easy to do so with certain meals.

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