PARENTING - What I Feed My Toddler (Part 11)

My little one is 3.5 years old now and we all eat the same at every meal. I know it's not always easy for parents to do this if everyone works different hours, so we are lucky in that we can do this from the start of weaning. Based on my experience I find kids who are fussy generally parents are fussy eaters in some way or another as much as they probably dislike admitting it. Food for me growing up was always a big thing and we eat together at every meal and we eat out often together also. A lot of my school friends would be given tea around 4.30 then the parents would order take out in the evening for themselves which I do not agree with personally. My girl is such a great eater because we introduce variety at a very young age, and I am lucky to know how to cook English, Chinese and general Asian food so to her this is very normal. So weaning is a real big thing and if done wrong you can be setting yourself up for stress as they grow up. Of course this is all my own opinion based on my own experiences so I could be setting myself up for a big debate here!!!
Anyway onto more meals - gyozas which take literally 10 min to cook in a hot pan which gets my thumbs up. Soba buckwheat noodles super healthy with dipping sauce for it and some wasabi! Udon noodles in soup and some wakame seaweed on top and side greens to share.
 Aromatic crispy duck with pancakes and wings which I marinate myself and in the oven for 25 minutes. I tend to cook it with foil covering then take the foil off the top the last 7 minutes and let the skin crisp.
 Chicken thai green curry out of a jar - love the convenience of this served with korean rice and a sprinkle of black roasted sesame seeds.
 Chicken thighs with potato, carrots, onion and chinese mushroom. As the potato cooks the sauce thickens so no need to add cornflour. I marinate the chicken with soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine and 

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