We received the Hape Stacking Veggie game a few months ago now, I thought I would share a review with you all. Firstly I love wooden toys, I think they look nicer, last longer and they can be passed on in generations. The stacking veggie game from Hape comes with 54 solid wooden pieces to build a tall veggie tower or you can build 2 half smaller ones with younger kids. Everyone takes turns carefully picking out the veggie pieces until the tower tumbles down, then you start all over again. With younger kids I would definitely recommend building smaller towers so you are not constantly building it up.
We have carrots, aubergine, carrots, chilli, spring onion and sweetcorn!
It's a great game to play together as a family, fab for training that hand, eye co-ordination as well as concentration. She got super excited each time she pulled one out. She can build the tower up herself but it's a little wonky, but that's ok the more she practices the better she will get.
Kids get bored of games very quickly but I am certain this one will get more competitive the older she gets!!! I would say the age 3 yrs+ is perfect as they no longer put things to chew in their mouth. At that age they start to build their concentration, you can have conversations and explain how you play the game. This would make a great birthday / Christmas present!


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