Top Tips for Running an Eco Friendly Busines

Did you know that by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your business, you will not only be helping to save the environment, but you could also save money?
Running an eco-friendly business doesn’t mean you have to make any major changes to your current set up. You can ‘do your bit’ as a business using some very easy strategies!
Read on to learn three easy strategies for running an eco-friendly business…

Every business in the UK is legally obliged to manage their waste responsibly. A really simple way to help your company become more eco-friendly is by introducing recycling bins. This will help your employees to easily recycle their paper and plastic waste and keep the office tidy.

You can also look into ways of recycling other office waste, such as your toner cartridges. Millions of printer cartridges end up in landfills every year. By recycling your cartridges, you can help to reduce the effect your business has on the environment.

Thoughtful paper use is a simple step towards running a more eco-friendly business and should always be included in your efficient printing policy. You can also make some effective printing changes within your workplace through promoting digital copies instead of print-outs, setting printers to print double-sided and by using recycled paper.
You could ask your IT team to set up print warnings. This will help to remind staff of your printing policies and encourage them to be more mindful of their paper use.

It is a good idea to hold regular environmental awareness days to keep your eco-friendly efforts at the forefront of your company values. Encourage staff to cycle or walk to work (where possible), to help reduce pollution, as well as their travel expenses and improve their health. 

You can also support ‘work from home days’ and promote car sharing groups.


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