7 Ways to Overcome a Home Emergency

There are any number of home emergencies that can suddenly occur when you least expect it. Knowing what to do if it happens to you can make a big difference to your stress levels and help you manage the situation quickly and effectively.
We’ve listed some of the most common, along with 7 ways to overcome a home emergency.

1. Burst pipes
If a pipe breaks, bursts or leaks, find the main water valve and turn it off. It may be under the sink, outside the front of the house, or in the basement (if you have one). Once turned off, take a closer look at the pipes to see the damage and then decide whether or not you need to call out a plumber.

2. Broken windows
These happen for all kinds of reasons and when you least expect it. A good short term solution is to cover it up with a plastic bag taped across the window. It will need to be fixed by an experienced window company as working with glass is a highly-specialised skill.

3. Finding the cash
Whether you have a broken toilet, window, pipe or anything else, you may struggle to find the cash to repair it. If so, there are a number of short-term loans available that might be able to help. Before making a decision, ensure they are an FCA registered company and that you can afford the repayments in full.

4. Power cut
As long as your smartphone is charged you can use the flashlight to ensure everyone is ok. If nearby homes and streetlights are on, it may just be your home or block. Check with neighbours to see if they have been affected. Get in touch with your power supplier to see if they are aware of the problem and if so, how long it will last for.

5. Mice in the home
If you have droppings, signs of chewing and any tiny holes that mice be may be using, then it’s likely you have a mouse problem. Use sealant or wire mesh to cover the holes. Set down traps around the skirting boards to kill them. If the problem continues, get in touch with a professional rodent extermination company.

6. Broken water tank
If your water isn’t heating up you may have a broken storage tank. If you notice a leak, this could also be a key sign. You’ll have to get an engineer out to take a look and depending on how serious it is, the solution could be anything from draining the tank to installing a new one.

7. Getting locked out
Think ahead and maybe give a spare key to a family member or friend that lives elsewhere. So if you are locked out, you can call them up to save the day. You don’t want to break the door down as you could cause expensive damage, so the only other option is to call out a locksmith to get you back in.


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