Moving To A Smaller Home: A Guide To Downsizing

There are many reasons why you may consider downsizing your property. You may have had children who have moved out. You may have recently found yourself to be single, and the home has become too much for you on your own. Or, you may have decided to rent out a portion of your home to someone else, and need to make way for your new lodger. Whatever the reasons, it need not be as daunting as you may imagine as there are many tips when downsizing your home.

Bigger Is Not Always Better
If you are moving home, living somewhere in a more practical and central location can be very convenient. Often, this can come at a premium, and you may end up getting a smaller home in a better area. If this suits your lifestyle, then this is a favourable decision for you to make. It could mean less commuting, or allow you to live closer to the things that are important in your life.

You may have chosen to live in a smaller home because of its charm and character, or because it is in better condition than your current, larger home.  

Where To Start When Downsizing
The first thing to understand when it comes to downsizing is that it will take some time. You should allow yourself a few months to go through everything that you own and to deal with it effectively. If you try to undertake it too hastily, it can be a very overwhelming task.

We often have a powerful emotional link to many of our possessions. As such, parting with them can take a significant degree of mental effort, and it may be a lot to come to terms with. If you are downsizing with the help of friends, family, or a partner, there is always a risk of tensions where too much pressure is involved in emotional decision making. 

Understand Your Aims
Try to work out what kind of volume of possessions you are looking to reduce by. If you can put a percentage on it, this may be helpful to you in terms of motivation. If you don’t have an amount in your mind, you may find yourself looking for excuses for keeping an item that you don’t need. 

Work Through Room By Room
Go through each room in your house one-by-one and examine every item in them. Create several piles, a keep, sell, donate and dispose of pile. Be honest with yourself about every item that you pick up. If you had forgotten it existed, or have not used it in a very long time, then you should look at getting rid of it. Choose the pile that it should go in, but realize that to sell, or donate it, then it should be in good condition. 
Keep an eye on these piles, as if no items are going into each collection, you are probably not being entirely honest with yourself. 

When it comes to selling your items, be realistic in your pricing expectations. While you may have paid a considerable amount for something, it may not have held its value. Have a look how much similar items go for before listing it. 


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