PART 1 - Taking My Blog One Slice Of Lemon To The Next Level

For the last few years blogging has been a hobby along with my full time day job. There was no pressure to blog or to do any social media, it was purely for fun and something I very much enjoyed. 6 months into it I started attending blogger events, brand events, receiving samples along with working with brands on sponsored content etc... Since my little girl came along blogging has taken a back step, I have tried to keep up when possible along with juggling my full time office job and mummy duties.

Fast forward 3.5 years later my girl is finally at a age where things are a lot easier, she can be kept occupied easily with various activities and we are in good routine during the week. I feel it’s now time to up my game on the blog and take it to the next level.

Here are the initial little changes I intend on making over the next few months.

Blog Template
I have been using the current one for a good 3-4 years now and I feel a new template will give me motivation, and my readers something fresh to look at which would hopefully make it more appealing.

Mock Up Templates
I would like to spend more time in the content I write about along with the way I present it. I would love to start using mockup templates to present my work in a different way which will appeal to the brands I work with. The templates seem incredibly easy to use and professional looking. They would be fantastic if there was ever a need to present to a client as it will help them visualise my ideas along with adding value to my work. I have also seen a lot of local small / emerging business use it for their businesses, in particular working mums trying to earn money whilst juggling bringing up their little ones. Mug mockup are one of the popular ones where you can get all your prints and quotes printed on a mug, these are perfect as corporate gifts or as personalised present….the ideas are simply endless. Wouldn’t it be fab if my blog got to the point where I am handing these out to clients

It got rather convenient taking photos easily on my mobile for everything and being able to just upload on Instagram stories / post etc…. I cannot actually remember the last time I took my camera out for photos. It was also heavy taking it out with me for events / restaurant reviews, so I got very lazy. However, we all know you soon as you load the photos up on the laptop from your mobile it isn’t as sharp as your camera so I will go back to using the camera once again.

My blog has always been lifestyle which mean I can write about anything really and I don’t have a niche as such. I think it would be good to narrow down the content category and just to tidy it up a little. Something I would need to think about in more detail.


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