NEW TOY REVIEW - Shimmer Stars

Shimmer Stars are your super cute fabulous furry friends who love shimmer and sparkle on everything! You use the special Shimmerizer wand to shimmer your super cute fluffy shimmer star with all the sequins, you can even shimmer your own hair to match!
What does it include:
1x Shimmer Star puppy
1x Shimmerizer wand
Around 200 reusable glimmer shimmers
1x Headband for you or your puppy
1x Comb
1x Glittery Collar
1x Hair bow tie
1x Tutu scrunchy
RRP £19.99
There are 4 pets to collect including a cat, unicorn or panda. The shimmers are reusable with no glue / cutting involved and works for all hair types. You can just brush it off with the comb provided after and do it all over again.
It's super easy to do for the little one, you get the shimmerizer wand and a piece of glitter, punch it into the wand then press the botton on top of the wand and it will transfer to any hair / fur until you brush it out.  There is no cutting / sharp objects involved, just a bit of patients when you use the shimmerizer to punch the glitter through.
 After being away for 1.5 weeks from school this was very much the bribe I needed to get her back into routine and waving bye to me at the door! This is great for all ages, some younger children may need a little help with punching the glitter piece in before transferring to the fur / hair but once you do it a few times you get the hang of it very quickly. It then becomes very addictive and that's when the little one started doing it on her own hair. Overall a great gift for xmas / birthday which isn't too expensive


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