PARENTING - How You Can Make Tooth Brushing Fun For A Toddler

My toddler is 3.5 years old....brushing use to be fun until she got bored very quickly with the repetitive routine we do day in day out. It got to the point where in the mornings, to speed up our routine of getting out of the house for school I tend to brush for her so we are on schedule. If I wait for her to do it then it takes time and we all know how rushed mornings are in getting out of the house and dodging the morning traffic.
I was recently approached by Playbrush Smart to review their fully integrated electric toothbrush that connects to interactive game apps and motivates kids to actually brush long enough, up and down all around their mouths. The brush can measure position, pressure, duration and most importantly regularity via games! Now you see why it gets the little's interest esp when there is a tablet / games involved.

The smart toothbrush is for children aged 3-12 years. There are 4 games (Playbrush APP, Uttothia paint and Utoothia available to download for free on the apple via Apple or Google Play store. When you attach the gadget below onto the handle of any manual toothbrush connected to iOS / Android app via the bluetooth, sounds easy right! When you finish brushing you get a summary from the game on how well you done. What's great is you can also monitor the brushing over time using the statistics across all the games.
So what does the box include?
1x Soft Bristle Toothbrush 
1x smartphone holder for the bathroom
1x Micro-USB charging cable
Access to 2 free games via Apple or Google play store
We have been using it for over a month now and the little is still very much interested. I think these days with kids being so into tablets / gaming this keeps up the interest and it's a game so she wants to WIN all the time! Once charged up the pink adaptor can be taken away on holiday easily, it's light so it's virtually no weight on top of the toothbrush. Brushing is a fun quick game daily now to reach 100% on the app and it's very addictive for the little one. The app also tells you which areas you have not brushed or not enough with cartoon characters so the little can follow herself on which areas need more attention. Hopefully the interest will continue, if you have a battle with your little one brushing their teeth it's worth giving this a try!


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