PART 2 - Taking My Blog One Slice Of Lemon To The Next Level

Following my recent blog post on “Taking my blog One Slice Of Lemon to the next level” I have been thinking about the other little things I need to also be tidying up on or requires improvement. These are not huge changes and they are easily achieved if I plan / schedule my week or just work slightly different.

Brand / PR Relationships
I am in contact with brand representatives either direct or via PR agencies daily. I would say 90% of my contact / communication is email or via social media Instagram / Twitter with the occasional telephone call to discuss in more detail if the piece of work / collaboration is rather large. So we agree on content / product etc then off I go to work on it and delivery what's been agreed. Once the piece of work is completed I move onto something else. I barely have time to keep in touch and build relationships as it's always non stop with the work coming in. I will be allocating time during my week to keep contact with those relationships.   

Email Signature
Since majority of my communication with clients is via email I think it's time to sort out my email signature font. It's currently in the simplest form with links to all my social media / blog and that,s it! When creating an email signature there are many design elements to think about such as image, colour scheme and template style....where do you start! Email signature fonts have a big impact on the design and how your email is viewed. It known that when considering which signature is best for you then you need to consider the two factors: psychology / practicality. So for me something which won't date, simple and classic would be the perfect combo!

Scheduling / Promoting Content
I use to do this religiously before my girl came along because I had all the time in the world to focus on my blog. I can work late into the evening knowing I can have the longest lie in the next day. It was obvious to me scheduling tweets to promote content drives up the traffic on my blog so I really need to get back into it, perhaps make better use of my lunch breaks at work and spend 30 min on scheduling a week to promote content.

Everyone loves engagement, however I am guilty of not always responding to engagement. Again this is simply due to time constraints, so again perhaps I can allocate 1 day a week during my lunch break to respond to engagement so I am more connected with my audience.

It's hard to tackle everything, but I think the things listed are worth making time for to help grow my blog audience. These are little changes I can make which will make a huge difference in the long run. This is still very much a hobby of mine which does make juggling everything else difficult but I have been blogging for almost 10 years now and I still very much enjoy it. 


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