A quick weekday dinner are a must for me Mon-Fri since my little one came along. I don't have time to be eating dinner 7.30-8pm like we use to, instead dinner needs to be ready 6.30 or by 7pm the latest and meal planning is a must every week to make our lives easier. So anything quick, easy always goes down well for me. I am more health conscious since we eat together with our 3.5 yr old daily. I know it's not always easy for every family with different working hours / routines but for us it encourages the little one to be a very good eater.
Uncle Ben's instant rice
Salmon fillets
Padron peppers / spinach or any greens will do
Miso paste - available from the supermarket in the Asian section
Mirin - alternative is honey
You can marinate the salmon the night before so it's full of flavour, alternatively you can do it on the night and leave it for a 15 min will be ok. I mix miso paste and mirin into a paste and marinate the salmon fillet like this. Then cook in the microwave using a take away container covering so it does not splatter everywhere. Usually 1-1 min 10 sec for every fillet, you can oven cook or pay fry if you wish but this to me is effortless way of cooking it.
Wash and use a paper towel to dry the padron peppers then spray some oil all over and sprinkle sea salt and its ready to go in the oven for around 15 min. I like to salute the spinach for extra veggies. Then microwave the uncle bens rice and its all ready to serve. Dinner ready in under 30 minutes - WINNER!!!


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