Haskins Garden Centre Project - From Seed To Plate

We spent the last month working on a project with Haskins Garden centre with the little one. We don't do any gardening being in an apartment, but I thought this would be easy and fun to do on our balcony.  We popped down to our local Haskins and picked up this set - planting pots / trays / soil / seeds and labels. 
This is where our amazing tuff tray comes in handy! We laid everything out on the tuff tray and started planting everything in the pots. Took around 30 minutes to do whilst helping the little one making sure everything is planted properly so it actually grows.
Little one absolutely loved helping out and wanting to do everything herself, very hands on my little one! I labled everything for her to put in the pot so we know what is what. We received winter leaves mix and mixed salad leaves.
Kids seem to think things grow instantly.....she planted then asked why is it not growing. This is where I explained how it works and she seemed a little disappointed having to wait so long. The seeds finally sprouted on day 3-4 and she got very excited watering them every other day after preschool.
In week 4 we were finally able to take a pot in and cut some out for our cold meat platter. She was so happy we could finally eat them and took her time in picking out the ones worth cutting to eat. She really enjoyed growing and asked to do tomatoes next and peppers. It's been great fun showing her where food comes from and how we can grow our own!


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