PARENTING - Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to School

Moving from nursery to big school can be quite overwhelming for children because there are lots of changes. For a start, the building itself is normally a lot bigger, so they have to learn to navigate the huge new environment. What’s more, they may have to make new friends and get to know new teachers. You’ll be pleased to know that, as a parent, there are lots of things you can do to help your child with the transition, as explored below by a nursery in Leicestershire.

When your child starts school, they will learn how to be independent. As a parent, you can help your child feel more comfortable with this change by encouraging them to be independent before they actually start school. Essentially, the idea is to get them doing things on their own, like getting dressed or undressed, going to the toilet and washing their hands.

It’s also wise to try and get your child as familiar with the school as possible by visiting on open days and other events. They will start to recognise different parts of the building and learn their way around and they might even get to meet some of their future teachers. You could also browse the school’s website as another way of getting your child used to the idea that they will be going there soon.

You’ll probably provide your child with the support they need without even thinking about it. Just asking them how they feel about starting big school is enough to show that you care; let them know that you understand how they feel and that it’s perfectly normal. Talk to them about all of the positive things that will come from them starting a new school.


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