REVIEW - Kurio 7 Inch Tablet Connect Pink

Tablets for kids, love them or hate them....we certainly cannot avoid them! We have been playing with our Kurio Tab Connect tablet for kids for around a month now, so I thought it would be a good to share my thoughts on it so far.

Between £90-£100

What does the box contain?
Tablet; protective bumper; USB cable; power adapter; manual

Age group
3 years+

  • Remote Access: Switch the tablet off remotely and control the volume from another device. Send messages and make direct calls.
  • App Blocking: Block individual apps
  • Web Access: Block websites, create custom lists, Auto-age website categorisation
  • Time controls: set daily access and time allowance
  • Blue Light Filter: Switch on Blue Light Filter to prevent strain on the child’s eyes
  • Never Ending Fun: Access to kid safe content, Google Play and Kidoz store
Which tablet?
Choosing a table suitable for your child to use can be tricky, especially finding one with the correct security features, settings and age appropriate. We currently use a certain brand, I am always checking what shes watching on youtube and making sure I can hear what she is watching or playing. It's great you can buy kids tablet with all the safety features any parent will want.

Design / Build
It is very light to hold even with the rubber case on and it's very easy even on smaller hands. You have the headphone jack and a micro USB / micro SD card. The rubber case is great for kids, it should survive most drops.
This is designed with a dedicated interface for kids so there are lots of benefits to buying a kids tablet. We set up parental account so we can keep tabs on everything, on the Kurio genius parental controls icon and set up a profile for the little one. What's clever about this tablet is the genius algorithms so the apps available to the little one is determined by her age with the ability to still deny access to things you don't want them to use.
In the apps management section you can choose when the tablet can be used and how long for. You can also go in to give them extra 5-10 min easily, the idea being you are in total control. You can set the schedule for the week, simply do as you wish. On the browser there are filtering systems which prevents any adult material / adult language etc..
There are a good mix of games pre-loaded already along with education ones and standard video streaming all available in the Kidoz app store. The Kurio also provides educational STEM related apps on a weekly basis so there is something new and exciting to keep them engaged and thinking!
My Thoughts
So far so good, and definitely much cheaper than the most obvious brand most kids use which is way more expensive. It does take a little getting use to if they have used the other brand previously. Price wise for something like this it seems good value, if you have the patients you can wait for the sales or the discount codes before purchasing to save yourself more money. It's pleasing to the little ones eye and it's her own tablet, she's dead chuffed with it. I might actually see if I can get something to put it on the back of the drivers headrest for long car journeys so she can watch something. It will also be super handy on holidays and long flights. Definitely worth considering for Christmas / Birthday present!


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