Is My Child in the Right Sets at School

Sets in school are used to divide pupils based upon their ability in each subject. The system is beneficial to the development of pupils at every level, as it means that children suited to lower sets aren’t struggling or being left behind and those who would fall into higher sets are being challenged by harder work. As a parent it’s important that you recognise that being in a lower set is not a bad thing for your child, as working to their ability and progressing at their own pace will be advantageous. If you are concerned about whether your child is in the right set, an independent school in Surrey has shared some advice and points for you to consider.

If you notice that your child tends to be bored at school, they seem to be finishing their work before their peers or getting through their homework in no time, this could indicate that they aren’t being sufficiently challenged. Alternatively if you notice your child seems to be struggling and gets frustrated or upset when working on homework assignments, this could be sign that your child is finding their work too difficult, and may benefit from moving to a lower set more appropriate for their ability. It is important not to try and change your child’s set based upon your own expectations of them, trying to have your child moved to top set because you believe they are capable may not necessarily be the best thing for them. Talking to your child’s teacher about any concerns regarding sets should be your first port of call. They will be able to explain why your child was put into that set in the first place and can go on to monitor your child to determine whether a move to a different set would be in their best interest.


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