PARENTING - 2019 Christmas Gift Guide For 4 Year Old Girl

My girl will be 4 in Jan and this is the first year where has actually understood the whole concept of Christmas properly. Last year she understood Santa and him bringing presents but she didn't really ask for anything....wow 12 months on she seems to want everything! I think this is where the fun begins because she's actually getting excited for it already. Christmas is so magical for kids!
At this age they are relatively easy to buy for, they seem to want everything showing on the adverts. If you have read my recent post From Seed To Plate then you will know how much my girl enjoyed growing her own salad leaves. My Fairy Garden will be her next little project in the new year. I picked this one because you can grow edible plants from the seeds and she can learn about collecting and re-using water from the water butt. It allows her to have imaginative play and the the great things is its suitable for indoors and out, you just need to add soil. It's actually a really cute small size so perfect to take out with you to keep them entertained.
So these are Pomsies Lumies....how do they come up with all these cute names! These are fluffy colour matching balls of fluff. Soon as they touch any colour they will glow to match and you need to keep doing that to keep them fed! These little lunies also turn colours into music, so the more colours you find the more drums / vocals and melodies lumies will mix. There are 3 to collect and each one comes with a mini brush to brush their beautiful rainbow hair!
John Adams always have a great range of art & craft suitable for kids all ages. I love this brand because everything is so affordable. So all those birthday parties your little one gets invited to you can get a really good present from their small range for under £10. Kids will love Blopens as they can easily create master pieces with amazing airbrush effects. With this pastel set there are 5 pens and 5 utensils for you to create your own master piece. You place the stencil on a piece of paper then blow in the pen and you will see the magical effect straight away! Such great fun for boys and girls!
Colour mazing is another one from the John Adams range. This is the new exciting way to colours in where everyone can create the perfect piece. The colours all seamlessly blend together and the ink magically stops at the lines to create colourful 3D garden friends. Its great for holidays, restaurants or just a rainy day activity. It also includes 4 craft activities for you to decorate with your 6 magic ink pens.

We do not go anywhere without our water bottle and even I carry one out now to save money / environment so I am not throwing more plastic away. The little one always gets excited when she gets a new water bottle and I have no idea why! The cute ladybird one from Ion8 Leak Proof bottle will go in her stocking as a filler. These are 100% leak proof and odour free. They are easy for them to carry in their rucksacks daily as its only 350ml and they are made from BPA free, suitable for hot and cold drinks. I actually use a bigger size at work, the frosting pastel colours in the adult section are really pretty. I am sure she will really like this ladybird one!
Lastly we have this incredible wooden marble run set from Hape. This is the Hape Castle Escape Marble run for ages 4 years+. Hope products are all really well made and I love wooden toys, they just seem less tacky and they can be passed on in generations. Its designed to create endless building possibilities for spatial thinking minds and each of the different colour blocks has a different function. I am really looking forward to building this with her on a rainy day. 

I hope this has given you ideas, I will do another post on stocking fillers! With Black Friday round the corner it's worth saving all the things you want to buy and see if they are on offer and buy early so you are nice and organised. I plan to have everything ready by the 1st-2nd week of December so I can actually relax and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas Day!


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