PARENTING - Helping Your Child Deal with Exam Stress

Exam period is a tough time for kids; continual studying and the pressure to do well can cause unwarranted stress. When stressed, the human body releases hormones that can reduce immune response, essentially meaning that too much stress can lead to sickness. It’s a brutal cycle, but getting stressed about exams can actually cause a youngster to perform badly on the day. Help your child get through this rough patch with the following advice from a prep school in Notting Hill, London.

Start by helping them organise a revision timetable, based on their priorities and the order of their exams. Make sure that your child is highlighting problem areas that need a little extra revision, as there’s no point in spending time revising something they already know when they could be perfecting something they’re struggling with. Motivate your child by rewarding them when they complete a revision session.

Being organised in this way will really help your child feel in control. However, organisation requires more than just a revision timetable. They will also need to follow a sensible, regular routine including going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up before noon. Help your child stick to this routine and you will notice that they are far more productive. However, do make sure they take breaks between study sessions, otherwise they might lose momentum.

Keep an eye on your child and make sure they aren’t being distracted by the TV or their phone. Distractions result in wasted time, which in turn lead to stress and last minute cramming. Above all, try and be understanding and don’t lose patience with your child; they might be snappier than usual and being yelled at by you won’t help them feel any better. Let them know that you’re there for them to talk to should they need some advice.


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