The ABCs Of Getting Your Child To Eat Well

Every parent will face encounter periods where their little angels will transform into little devils at tea time. Even if your son or daughter has previously shown a great appetite, they can quickly decide that they no longer want to eat without putting up a fight.

While it can be tempting to start waving the white flag, you can still take charge of the situation without being forceful. Here are three simple steps that will lead you along the path to success.

A child’s tastebuds are constantly developing and changing. Likewise, kids love to explore new tastes and textures from a very young age. As such, championing a variety of foods is essential. This can be done at individual mealtimes or in a more generic fashion.

I have produced several previous blog posts about what I feed my toddler. While you don’t have to take all of the ideas on board, it does underline the benefits of switching things up on a frequent basis. However, you must remember to use age appropriate foods. You should also respect any allergies or intolerances that your child may face.

Once again, though, young tastebuds are continually changing. So, while it’s good to make a note of foods that your child likes and dislikes, you shouldn’t rule out any meal indefinitely. You can try again in a few months to see if the situation has developed.

Sometimes you will feel as though getting your child to eat anything is a success. While there’s nothing wrong with serving them pizza and fries or chocolate puddings on occasion, balance is the key. Getting enough calories is one thing, but true success comes from getting the right ones.

You must ensure that portion sizes and daily intakes are linked to your child’s weight, although some fluctuation is natural. The kg to lb calculator will be very helpful when establishing the right portion sizes for your child. While the build of your son or daughter will influence intakes, you should be familiar with the general expectations.

Balance must also extend to the macros and nutrients. While you needn’t go into as much detail as an athlete, for example, balancing the various vitamins with protein, fats, and carbs will be key. Likewise, avoiding too much salt and sugar is vital.

Every day feels like a battle, but a single success cannot be considered a true breakthrough. While tastebuds change and portion sizes increase with age, it’s imperative that you maintain good habits. One of the most significant features will revolve around the schedule and times.

There’s no need to establish regimented schedules that run to the same minute each day. However, setting approximate mealtimes and snack times help you maintain control. This guide to organizing your time in style will go a long way to helping. Better still, it should bring additional benefits such as aiding bedtime patterns.

Once a pattern has been established, you will find it far easier to keep winning the daily battles. It’s better for your child, better for your budget, and better for your sanity. Frankly, that’s all any parent could ever hope to achieve.


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