Renovate Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

Waving goodbye to the festive season can be depressing. Those heady days full of mince pies, quality family time and gingerbread house building can be difficult to let go of. Added to this, the holidays tend to be an expensive time of the year meaning that you may be beginning 2020 in a less financially buoyant position than you would like. If you have renovations to complete, this can add to your worries. You need to think about how you can revamp your home decor without breaking the bank. Begin in your living room - the space where your family spends the most time. Take a look at these ideas to help you achieve your dream interior while working to a budget.


If you are fortunate enough to live in a period property, consider whipping up your carpet to reveal your original oak floorboards. Sand them down and varnish them up, and you can add real character to your Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian pad. Once the floorboards are renovated, you can add one of the many cheap shaggy rugs available to break up the wooden space. This can add texture and something that is a little more tactile. You can also use fabrics to add a splash of color and pattern. If you don’t have floorboards, opt for a laminate flooring that looks as real as the floorboards you yearn to have. You can head to a local DIY store and pick up laminate tongue and groove sets very cheaply.

Wall Space

If your room is adorned with wallpaper, it’s time to get it stripped. Whip out the steamer and the wallpaper scraper and get back to the plaster. This will generate a blank canvas that you can then paint a simple white. White walls or magnolia hues are perfect to create the illusion of space. Darker tones tend to create a feeling of closeness. However, brighter colors can reflect the light a little more and generate the sensation of space. Break up the blocks of color with a feature wall of some geometric wallpaper inspired by the vintage 1960s era. Alternatively, put up some photography or wall art or original prints. Surround yourself with family photos and personalize the space to make it feel like a real home

Make Use Of Your Features

Many newer properties lack the character of more period equivalents. If you are struggling to find that wow factor, consider adding some back in. Scour reclamation yards and pick up an old fireplace and hearth. This will cost less than a brand new one and come with a wealth of social history and character. This will be a one of a kind feature for your living room. You can do the same with coving and window shutters. You might even want to source some old school 1950s cast iron radiators. If you already have a wood burning stove or original period fireplace, get it cleaned and start using it. With the winter months well and truly here, there’s nothing better than sitting in front of a roaring fire in the evening while watching the TV.

Forget about spending a small fortune and use this guide to help you to renovate your living room without breaking the bank.


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