Top Things You Cannot Miss On Your Home Moving Checklist

So, you have found your perfect home to relocate to and now you cannot wait to move! Even though you have fully experienced how stressful a move can be, what awaits you is far more exciting. To help this process even further and decrease the stress levels, it’s important to plan in advance and there is no better way to do this than having checklists.
Checklists and to-do lists have been proven to help declutter your mind and organise your thoughts, making the list of things to do manageable when you timely delegate tasks. This article will provide you with some helpful things you cannot miss off your moving checklist to help make the move as smooth as possible.
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7 Things That Should Be On Your Moving House Checklist

The Move Date Confirmed
This is one of the top things on your to-do list and if you haven’t confirmed the date yet, get the official time and day ahead of schedule from the conveyancers and home sellers. When you rent, things may be easier as you can move over many days, depending on the landlord making it easier to make the desirable adjustments to your new place.

Give The Notice To Current Place
If you are currently renting, then you will probably have a notice period. Get in touch with your landlord even before things are solidified to get ahead and ensure you don’t end up paying your rent and the mortgage at once.

Book A Removals Company
As mentioned at the start of the article, having a trustworthy and experienced removals company will really help the move go smoothly and give you the help you need to take the edge off the move. Book this in advance to ensure you get the date you need. Remember to shop around for quotes on the best deal though!

Get In Touch With Utility Suppliers
You need to let your gas, electricity and internet suppliers know that you are moving in advance so that the transition goes smoothly. This way, you can have everything set up ahead of time so when you move in, you are ready to hit the ground running. Moving services can take a few weeks so it’s good to put this pretty high up the list.

Clear Your Stuff!
Make several trips to the charity stores and tidy tip to ensure you clear out all the extra stuff you don’t need to move. This will cut removals costs and make things easier when you are sorting through your belongings. Decide what you really want to keep and go from there.

Label Everything
Keeping as organised as possible will help the move go smoothly and labelling things cannot be underestimated.

Let Everyone Know You’re Moving
Whether you’re calling your bank or telling your friends, letting everyone know your new home address and moving date is a must!
Take note of the abovementioned tips and your moving to a new location should be hassle-free.


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