How to Get Over Your Dislike of Cleaning

If cleaning isn’t something you look forward to, how do you start to make it less of a chore? If there’s a way to make a more positive experience of the cleaning process, then perhaps you’ll even start to like it! 

Why Clean, Anyway?
The reality is that house cleaning isn’t something you want to stop doing, at least not if you’re going to stay healthy. Using a good disinfectant can kill approximately 98% of household germs

That means less risk of getting sick, which is good news for everyone in the home, especially kids and seniors who are more vulnerable to getting sick.

Start to Look at Cleaning Differently
Now that you know it’s a “must,” how can you start to get more motivated to scrub and polish the different rooms? The key is to begin to see the benefits of doing so. 

Here are a few positives of cleaning to help you on top of things around the house.

It’s a Great Calorie Burner
If you don’t get to the gym, then you could always wipe down the kitchen countertops, wash the floors, and vacuum as your workout of the day. If you want specific numbers, vacuuming for 132 minutes can burn a whopping 387 calories!

Get a Clear Mind
Another potential motivator to clean the abode is how great you feel after tidying up! Do you notice that when you declutter and dust that you feel a bit calmer?

The reason is that when you have a more organized home, you’re likely to feel less stressed than if you look at piles of clothes and other things everywhere. Even just doing a load of laundry can help you feel better about the house.

Do a Bit Each Day
If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by the mess when you go to clean the house once a month, it’s likely because you’ve waited such a long time. Instead, try to pick away at messes every few days so that it doesn’t get to be a huge deal. 

That way, your whole weekend doesn’t need to be spent with disinfectants in hand. Instead, take 10 minutes every other day to tidy up and maintain or invest in new Wet Room Supplies, and you’ll likely feel less disdain about getting the place orderly as you won’t spend hours and hours at it.

Get Smarter about How You Clean
Also, consider if you’re as efficient as possible when organizing rooms. If you only seem to be moving mounds from one area to another, never really getting rid of anything, then you likely will dislike cleaning as you don’t accomplish much.

Instead, have a system for how you will tidy up and a goal in mind. For example, “today I will scrub the kitchen splashback” is a clear objective that’s doable, and keeping it in mind will help you reach it.

Once you accomplish the task, reward yourself for a job well done. Then the next time you go to sterilize the house, remember that reward, and you’re more likely to want to clean up!


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