Top Tips to Raise an Optimistic Child


A child who experiences lots of positive experiences throughout their life, no matter how small, is far more likely to be optimistic. Optimism will help encourage your child to try new things, take risks and have confidence in their abilities, because they’ll expect a positive outcome. If you’re wondering how to raise an optimistic child, an independent school in London have put together the following tips.

·       Start by making time for your child each day for a little catch-up to show that you care and that you’re interested in them. Ask them open ended questions about their day, their school work and their friends. Listen to their problems if they have any and take them seriously; try and be supportive and teach them how to cope.

·       Allow your child to experience success regularly by giving them achievable tasks to do. Let them be independent and always praise them for their efforts rather than the end result. If things go wrong for them, try to make it light-hearted so that they don’t feel defeated.

·       Ensure your child experiences happiness and excitement but don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on a trip to Disney Land to achieve this. Playing a board game or going for a picnic in the park can make your child happy.

·       As with all aspects of life, you should try and model the behaviour you’d like to see from your child. Stop complaining about things in front of them and try your best to shelter them from stress. The idea is to demonstrate a positive mental attitude in front of your child and use optimistic terminology.

·       Help your child understand perspective. Teach them that bad things happen sometimes and there’s nothing we can do about it, but we can try and weigh up the circumstances and realise that whatever’s happening could always be worse.


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