5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

As most of you know we recently moved into our new build which came with flooring. Laminate in the kitchen, utility, downstairs toilet and hallway. In the dining room and living room they put cream carpets which was a no no for me. We got the fitters to rip out the carpet and fitted in the same laminate flooring in the dining and living room so the entire downstairs is the same laminate flooring at additional cost to us. Here are my reasons why...
Laminate flooring is extremely durable
This is what I like about it especially with children / dog you need a flooring which is strong, impact  / scratch resistant which makes it longer lasting which you don't get with carpet. It offers a clean modern look in any house / apartment which makes it very popular. It also creates space, with the right colour choice it can make a small room look a lot bigger.

In our previous apartment we had carpets in the lounge and each year we had to pay for a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpets. This is a yearly additional cost for us which adds up, however with laminate flooring there is no ongoing maintenance costs so it becomes an economical choice. Obviously not everyone gets their carpets steamed cleaned yearly but with a dog and a young child it was a must for us.

Laminate flooring is moisture, stain and fade resistant
You will find what ever brand you purchase it will come with a long warranty against various things which you won't get with carpet for example. When you have people over with young children you don't need to worry about them making a mess either.

Easy to clean
Obviously after getting our dining / living room changed to laminate it was additional extra cost I wasn't expecting or able to afford. However when the little dropped some dinner on the floor I knew it was money well spent in the long run. I was able to just wipe it up easy no problem at all. If we had kept the cream carpet there would have been some food stains already which would drive me mad. The stain / moisture resistant surface coating makes spills and other messes easy to handle. We have a dog so there's bound to be muddy paws from being out in the garden. 

Variety of styles
The styles / patterns are limitless these days and it allows you to create whatever vibe / contemporary feel you are after in each room. Some people like to have different patterns in each room but I personally prefer 1 pattern for the entire downstairs floor space. With it being so popular you can get cheap laminate flooring online easily and save yourself a lot of money. You can order samples easily online before you make a decision. Get a fitter round to measure up and let you know how many packs you require so you can order online yourself and just pay the fitter for the installation.



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