In Defence Of Seasonal Wardrobes

For a while now, fashion has been geared towards simplification. Capsule wardrobes have come back in a big way over the past five years, and minimalist storage styles by gurus like Marie Kondo have seen us entirely rehauling how we arrange our wardrobes. The result, for the most part, is increased awareness, more pleasing closets, and styles that you’ve always struggled to achieve. 

For some of us, though, these basic methods aren’t quite enough to tip the fashion scales. Instead, we’re forever on the lookout for further ways to master minimalist fashion at last. And, many of us find that rotating clothes by season is a fantastic way to reach that goal. 

After all, we only utilise half of our wardrobes at any given time. Not only is this wasteful, but it also adds unnecessary confusion to the crisp fashions we’re after. And, it’s an issue that’s easy enough to overcome by rotating seasonal styles using outside storage solutions or spare attic space. Simply keep reading to find out why the seasonal wardrobe is becoming such a firm favourite for many. 

More closet space

Increased closet space is always a notable benefit of getting seasonal with your storage. Better even than Marie Kondoing your clothes, clearing half your closet every six months is guaranteed to create more space. This is fantastic from a practical standpoint (as we’ll discuss later), but it’s also great news for helping you to create a closet that you don’t dread coming to. Finally, you’ll be able to master organisation for a cleaner, clearer wardrobe that calms you down every time you come to get changed. 

Increased awareness of what you own

Note, too, that stripping back to seasonal outfits also allows you to see precisely what you have on hand. This is fantastic news, as we’re all guilty of forgetting our winter favourites during those long summer months and vice versa. But, the moment you strip things back like this, you make it possible to pinpoint precisely which options you have for each day, all without having to rummage and mess things up. You might even find that this increased awareness alone increases the number of times you wear each seasonal belonging!

A clearer idea of gaps in your closet

As much as the space created by a seasonal closet focus can remind you what you own, this can also be a fantastic way to highlight gaps in your closet. With one glance at the start of the seasons, you’ll be able to understand what you lack when you consider current trends. You can then ensure you only buy what you need, allowing you to both keep on top with your clean closet, and also engage with more sustainable style habits. 

The seasonal wardrobe can take a while to get used to, but trust us when we say that it’s more than worth your while. Get this right, and you should even find that those shifting fashion seasons never need to be a headache again.


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