Keeping The Kids Entertained With Spin Master

This is the 12 week of working from home for me and hubby, I have to say the weeks have flown by and I am very much enjoying it! We are all in good routine and the little one is mostly kept busy with every activity I can think of. For us luckily her birthday was back in Jan, she had a big birthday party and I saved all the presents for the coming months which has come into good use the last 3 months so I have not had to buy anything. We also moved from our city apartment into a house so she's enjoying the extra garden space so there's generally more to do to keep her busy.

I thought it would be good to share some of the Spin Master activities to give everyone ideas what they can do at home with kids.

First up every girl will love this....such a girly gift the Cool Maker Go GLAM Nail Stamper kit. It's super easy to use, you just paint your nails with the colours provided either purple or blue then wait 5 minutes for it to dry. Once it's dry put your finger under the little stamper and press down so the pattern transfers onto your nail. There are a few different patterns to choose from and they are all so cute! You can pick them up fairly cheap so great as a birthday present!
When you have finished all the stamps you can pick up a refill kit which includes new stamper patterns, a pink polish and a clear one to seal everything up.
Rainbow Kinetic Sand is a favourite of mine, in fact any kinetic sand is my favourite. I find it so therapeutic and satisfying playing with it and it keeps her entertained for ages. My girls loves the ice cream version which we brought when she was around 18 months and it's still going strong providing you keep it all in a zip lock bag. We love doing all our activities on our tuff tray so everything stays on the train and it's easy to pack away when we are done. Again you can pick up a box for around £10 which is perfect as a gift for any child, I highly recommend this for boys and girls.
I have been sharing the activities we are doing weekly on Instagram, hop over to see what else we have got up to!


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