My Home Update - New Prints From Desino

Most of you will have noticed from my Instagram stories we moved house 2 weeks before lockdown. It has been very busy since working from home and juggling the little one along with keeping my blog / social media going....at least there's no social life to keep up!

Having lived in the space for a few months now looking at the walls / space / natural light daily for interior ideas I have an idea on what I plan to do with a few of the rooms. I have been on Desino playing around on their gallery wall tool for Wall Art which is super easy to use. It's a step by step process where you select the background colour for the look you are trying to achieve or what you currently have at home eg: white / grey walls. Then you select the size of the prints you would like and the various layout combinations. Once that's done you can select the different prints you would like in each of the boxes. You then have the option to choose the frames for your prints. It very simple to do and it just gives you an idea how everything looks together, you can chop and change it's very easy to use.
For me we got a lot of wall space and I wanted some very large prints to cover the space rather than a few put together. I also wanted to keep things minimal, having said that I am still undecided if to go for a modern cottage theme or the monochrome which I love. 
I went for the 70x100cm size, the Antibes print and Figuratone print both framed in black. I originally wanted them both side by side behind the sofa but it didn't quite look right as my ceilings aren't quite high enough. I left them both sitting on the floor for a few weeks while I decided where else could they go! So I've decided next to the patio door and in our dining room. I think it really works well split up like this as the rooms are a blank canvas right now so it's suits the minimal look. I am really pleased with how they both look and definitely the first thing you look at when you walk into the room and they really lift up the room.
I have today just had some quote on some carpentry work, looking to get panelling done in the living room, hallway, up the stairs and into the lounge. We will be in this home for a very long time so I don't want to rush anything, just slowly doing little bits at a time to also make it more affordable. More home updates in my next blog post!


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