A Guide to Teaching Children About Garden Wildlife

Children are naturally curious beings and satisfying their wildlife curiosity is a sure way to get them to learn. Being outdoors and learning about local wildlife is a great lesson for them, no matter their age. A great way of teaching them about garden wildlife is to encourage time spent in the garden, and not just playing, sometimes simply sitting and watching the life around them. 

Get Them Outside 

This first step may seem obvious, but they must learn about wildlife by stepping outside and witnessing nature first-hand. There are, of course, plenty of TV shows and books for them to learn from, and they can be handy, but seeing the creatures in real life will create a stronger memory, meaning they will be more likely to learn and retain the information. 

Give Them a Wildlife Notebook 

A notebook solely dedicated to documenting their learnings of garden wildlife is a brilliant way of helping them explore what they are learning from the outdoors. Encourage drawing pictures of the different creatures they see, as well as labelling them. This way, they can later go back on their drawings and remember the wildlife they saw. Adding in little facts about creatures can also be great for them to learn more about the wildlife just outside their door. For example, if they draw a robin, they could then write about its red breast and the fact they only live for around thirteen months. These teachings will stick, as they are documenting them by doing a fun activity.  

Place a Birdfeeder in a Tree 

Having a birdfeeder means that more birds will start coming into the garden, and your child will then be able to begin learning their different names and their habits. While birds are feeding, they will be much more still than usual, ensuring the child can get a good look at the creatures and begin to differentiate between species. 

Build a Pond 

Learning about garden wildlife can also include creatures in the water. Getting a pond can seem like a big step, but it will provide immense amounts of enrichment for your child. You can find great pond equipment at water-garden.co.uk, meaning you can buy everything in one go knowing it is all from the same production company and of high quality. Not only will you be able to put fish in there, meaning your child will learn how to look after them, it will also bring a variety of new wildlife to your home, including frogs and newts, which are always fascinating to watch. 

Use a Night Vision Camera 

Not all animals can be witnessed in the daytime, and while your child may be fast asleep and dreaming away, tiny creatures may be perusing your garden for their lunch or a place to rest. A night vision video camera will enable you to see what has been in your garden the next day. You may discover that your garden is a passing zone for hedgehogs, foxes, and even badgers! Watching the footage together would be a fun activity, and the excitement of seeing a creature on screen would only make your child want to see more. 

There are plenty of ways to get a child to learn more about garden wildlife, and these steps can ensure that they get the best of a nature-focused education. 


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