The Most Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid In 2020

For most women of today's generation, makeup is a staple in their lives. This is one reason why the cosmetics industry keeps growing such that the global market could be worth $429 billion by 2022. Professional makeup artists can give you perfect looks and enhance your beauty. However, if you do your makeup by yourself most of the time, there are several mistakes to avoid. Since makeup techniques are evolving, the method of doing things some years ago is different from the way things are now. Listed here are four of the makeup mistakes to avoid in 2020.

  1. Neglecting the skin prep

Usually, a skin prep routine is the first thing to do before you wear your makeup. A well-moisturised skin, for example, makes the application of makeup more beautiful and stress-free. However, when you ignore this step before wearing your makeup, get ready to experience the undesirable consequences that may spring forth. For instance, wearing makeup on dry skin will make it appear uneven. Professional makeup artists are usually trained when it comes to prepping the skin, and Zo Skin Health have an arry of skin enhancers they can include in their kit. However, you can learn a few simple tips on how to prepare your skin for products to get the best results. In the absence of shine and lustre on your skin, do not be surprised if your makeup is not flawless.

  1. Excessively filling your eyebrows

Your overall post-makeup beauty also depends on the appearance of your eyebrows; perfectly shading your eyebrows requires you to use the appropriate colour. Women who fill their eyebrows with excessive products, usually end up looking worse than before. It is advisable to choose a shade close to your eyebrows for a seamless look. Are you unsure of the technique? Seeking help from expert brow stylers is always a good investment if you want to get things right.

  1. Using harsh black eyeliner on the bottom waterline

Most women are guilty of applying black eyeliners on their bottom lash line. This is not entirely wrong, though; eyeliners on the bottom waterline can actually unearth the beauty in your eyes. However, when you overdo it, black eyeliners can make your eyes look way smaller than usual. A quick way to fix this mistake is to choose lighter colours for the bottom lash. You can also create gorgeous looks by skipping the eyeliners and adding definition to areas using dark eyeshadows. 

  1. Wearing an inappropriate shade of foundation

It is very common to see people apply the wrong shade of foundation when wearing makeup. Generally, there are three ways women get their shade of foundation wrong - it can be too light, too dark, or maybe they are using the wrong undertones altogether. Fortunately, there is also an easy way to get this right. The best way to find the right shade of foundation is to first test them out on your jawline. Blend it down to your neck region, to see if it matches.


Makeup practices gone wrong, are not such rare occurrences. Fortunately, they are fixable, and since makeup is designed to enhance your looks, you should avoid unnecessary mistakes such as those mentioned here. 


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