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We were kindly gifted these games from Spinmaster to test out at home with the little one and I am sure they will come in handy during the festive period! We absolutely love board games and it's part of our daily family time at home along with reading before bed. We started this during lockdown, we were both so busy with work each day we wanted to spend a bit of time together as a family so board games / puzzles kept us busy along with the usual reading before bed.
Contents: 1 Grouch Cough / 16 treats / 15 lost goodies (coins) / 1 dice / Instructions
Requires 3 AAA batteries - not included
You roll the dice, put the treats on the couch, press the side of the couch and Grouch Couch will grumble, chomps, burps, eats treats and spits out lost goodies (coins). The couch randomly responds to treats with different sounds and you will hear a special victory song at the end of the gameplay. This is a fast moving game and would suit all age groups especially the younger ones as it's really easy to pick up. This retails at RRP £19.99 and you can pick one up easily from SmythsToys.

Next is Headbanz the quick question game of "what am I?" The idea being you need to keep asking questions as you never know what you are until you start asking. 

Contents: 68 clue cards, 6 question cards, 6 headbands, timer, 24 chips and instructions

You need to figure out if the cartoon on your head is an object, animal of food. Everyone picks a card and put it on their headband and guess whats on it by asking questions. The box says for age 7 over, we managed to play with our 5 year old but with me picking out the easier cards for us all to pick but as she got the hang of it we slowly introduced the slightly more difficult one and we didn't use the timer. This game certainly teaches patients and plenty of thinking. These are all quick games, perfect for those who want to play something which doesn't last too long. Again another good one for the whole family over Christmas.
What's great about this one is it retails at RRP £10 Argos which makes it so affordable to buy for Children if you are on a tight budget this year.

Beat The Parents

Whats in the box: 101 question cards / 32 parent wild cards / 32 kids wild cards / 4 game movers / game board / instructions

This one is a longer game out of the 3 I am reviewing. In this game your parents have to answer questions about kids stuff so it can be anything from, ice cream flavours, tv shows to special places. Mum and Dad will also ask you questions about things they should know! It sounds relatively straight forward enough but there are wild cards thrown into the mix so you could find yourself back at the start or even skipping ahead to finish. The first one to cross the board first with their 2 mover pieces will win the game. This one will be great for the younger kids to team up with the older kids to play against the parents so they get some support and get involved! Play time this one is a lot longer between 30-60 minutes, one for a rainy day I think. This one retails RRP at £15 but with the sales you can pick it up for £10 (Entertainer) which again is another bargain purchase for kids.


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