Grassroots Strategies To Change Your Company Culture For The Better


Many of us spend our careers working in organisations with bad cultures. At first, it’s a shock. But after a while, we become desensitised to it. And eventually, it seems “normal.”

For some of us, though, that feels more like a capitulation. Getting used to something negative isn’t the same as dealing with it. But what can we do? We’re not senior managers or C-suite executives. It’s hard for us to engender positive change. 

Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can use to improve conditions in your workplace. And the best bit? They could help you advance your career. 

Become A Role Model For Your Team

Everyone needs leadership - even people who are leading you. Managers and executives can often lose their way and get stuck in a psychological rut, unable to change things. 

If you can see a problem in your organisation, then it makes sense to assume a position of leadership on the matter yourself. If the issue is the way that people talk to each other, you should be the first one to make a change. 

According to Joshua Virasami, there’s still a lot of work to do with regards to the way people address each other. The workplace should be safe from slurs and stereotypes. But even in 2021, it isn’t. 

Your job can be to lead on this matter and show other people the error of their ways. That way, you can actually build a happier, healthier workplace. And managers will appreciate it. After all, it means less work for them. 

Set Realistic Goals

Companies don’t change overnight. It takes a lot of time for practices and methods to evolve. As an agent for change in your organization, therefore, you need to set realistic goals. Not everyone is going to comply with your standards immediately. It can take months for people to recognise the errors of their ways and defer to your moral authority. 

Realistic goals depend very much on the stage of your organisation’s development. It could be something as simple as avoiding the use of belittling language in email communications. But it could also be more than that, including going the extra mile for vulnerable people in your organisation.

Improve Employee Engagement

Sometimes, the problem in your organisation is employee engagement. People show up to work, but they’re not excited about doing their jobs. 

Usually, all they need is a reason for working hard and getting stuff done. Even if you have a manager, you can be the motive force for your team. Your personality can encourage them to make the best possible use of their time at work. It could be something as simple as bringing the team together. You can become a “gatherer” who helps people get on better with each other and work in their best interests. Plus, by doing this, you’re setting yourself up for a leadership position yourself. For senior members of the company, you’ll become an obvious choice. 

Remember - grassroots change is possible, even if you’re just starting your career


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